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"Thank you! I play every track you send and will promote it too. As I stated last night on Facebook, you're the most versatile group I've ever seen. You have a GREAT message too. Much love".

Larry "Tez" Tezekjian of Tez FM Radio, March 1, 2020

Un trío norteamericano formado por los hermanos Wayne Schmitt (guitarra, teclados) y Tom Schmitt (bajo, teclados) junto a su amigo de la infancia Rich Cabela (guitarra, teclados), unidos por su amor a la música y su particular manera de ver el mundo. Apasionados por exponer sus pensamientos, creencias y sentimientos y darles forma de canción, los norteamericanos demuestran su versatilidad con sus cálidas composiciones o con temas tan infecciosos como su último single, A Better Day, un corte de aires nuevaoleros que atesora un pulsante ritmo, un entregado trabajo vocal y una esperanzadora lírica que nos insta a filtrar la información que recibimos para lograr un día a día mejor. Optimismo necesario.”

Velvety Blog, ASÍ SUENAN: Mayo 2020

It’s Only Time is both inspirational and smooth. Cabela & Schmitt are a tandem that has made tons of heartwarming/high-quality music together. One of the most heartwarming/high-quality songs they have in their catalog is the serene It’s Only Time. Honestly, I just love how It’s Only Time feels. With the track boasting this pretty lively instrumental, Cabela gifts us with a vocal performance that is engaging and lyrical content that straddles the line between inspirational and eloquent. After listening to the track, don’t be surprised if your soul feels replenished.” - Andrew Roscoe

Chilled Snails, February 9, 2020

Cabela and Schmitt rock out effortlessly in What You Say. The rock music Cabela and Schmitt tend to make will put a smile on your heart! To me, they are as authentic as it gets when it comes to making rock music, but at the same time, they have this level of gentleness to them that is pretty glaring. In What You Say, their latest single, Cabela and Schmitt gift us with a soothing rock gem that features tumultuous drumming, electrifying guitar-play, wise lyrics, and a vocal performance that is nothing less than nostalgic! It’s rare that you can find a song that is for all ages, but in my opinion, What You Say is one of those songs.” - Andrew Roscoe

Chilled Snails, February 9, 2020

Ending what was a spectacular year, the trio have treated us to a fantastic single entitled ‘What You Say’. A single written by the band, about the way people treat one another, how they talk to each other and how their words can either be loving, encouraging or sometimes hateful, leaves a powerful message that rings through with each and every listen. With plenty of new material coming in the new year, Cabela And Schmitt are destined to make their mark on the music industry next year. ” - Dylan Smith

EDM House Network, December 29, 2019




EDM House Network  Cabela & Schmitt End The Year With A Wonderful Single ‘You're With Me’!   Dylan Smith, December 20, 2019

"‘You're With Me’ contains the signature style that we’ve grown to love from the very talented Cabela and Schmitt. Featuring powerful vocals, touching lyrics and a soothing instrumental, the end result is amazing".


Broadtube Music Channel   "A Moving Part"    October 30, 2019

"Cabela and Schmitt delight the listeners with their raw vocals and diverse instrumentation".


Artist Sounds Blog on "It'll Be"    October 30, 2019

"Cabela and Schmitt are one of the most intriguing musical duos to grace the Rock and Roll genre in the last decade. Take a listen to their latest single “It’ll Be” now on Artist Sounds".

"Cabela and Schmitt are back again with another thrasher to keep their momentum in full swing as we look to close out 2019".


Artist Sounds Blog on "I Pray For You"     October 30, 2019

"Cabela and Schmitt produce a solid vibe on this record..."


JUSSRUSSRADIO Blog on "I Pray For You"    October 20, 2019

"Cabela and Schmitt make their first appearance on our music blog with a beautifully written and performed Alternative Rock song".


Indie Music Spin  Cabela and Schmitt on how Into Your Hands inspires listeners   September 19, 2019


EDM House Network   Cabela and Schmitt Release Blissful New Single ‘Love You True’!   September 18, 2019

"Featuring powerful vocals, touching lyrics and a soothing instrumental makes for an incredible end result".   Cabela and Schmitt - Now That You Know    September 16, 2019

"'Now That You Know' is a gentle track that works for me as a short break from my hectic day to day activities. The lyrics take me back to what is really important in my relationship with the Lord".


American Pride Magazine    70's High School Garage Band Brings 5 Decades of Music as Cabela and Schmitt   September 3, 2019


A.V.A. Live Radio Music, with Jacqueline Jax   Behind the Music with Tom Schmitt from Cabela and Schmitt on Dancing Shoes     August 23, 2019


Broadtube Music Channel  "Dancing Shoes"    August 23, 2019

"‘Dancing Shoe’ is a synthesis of a male vocal with flowing instrumentation.....Fans will idolize Cabela and Schmitt for their rawness and authenticity".


IMD Indie Music Discovery Interview with Cabela & Schmitt, by Joshua Smotherman – Golden Links and A Deep Catalog of Music   May 29, 2019