From the recording Christmas Bells Are Ringing

A Cabela and Schmitt original. An ongoing memory from year to year reminding us of happier days when Christmas time was about being good to one another, giving from our hearts rather from our pocketbooks, leaving the commercialism in the future.


Christmas bells are ringing in my ears, reminiscing of my early years Visions of Santa and all of those reindeer
Christmas bells are ringing in the square Chrstmas bells are ringing everywhere
Shoppers are bustling and hurry on through the night Neighbors are smiling and caroling with delight
Santa's on his way flying in his sleigh will be waiting evermore Candle flames, exchanging names, a wreath hangs on the door Trimming trees and many things remind us of the Lord
Christmas bells are ringing in the air Christmas bells are ringing everywhere
Little ones hunting the presents they asked for Counting the tags and hoping they'll find one more Santa's on his way riding in his sleigh, children will be joyous in the morn Candy canes and railroad trains and popcorn chains galore Music on with yuletide songs that help us love the Lord
Christmas bells are ringing

Written, arranged, produced, recorded and performed by
Cabela and Schmitt

Mixed and mastered by Nicolas Essig, California, Through SoundBetter

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