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Dancing Shoes: CD
  • Dancing Shoes: CD
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  1. Dancing Shoes (4:07) (Feature Track)
  2. So Good (4:21) (Feature Track)
  3. Thankful (4:22) (Feature Track)
  4. Tender Moments (4:34)
  5. Into Your Hands (5:48) (Feature Track)
  6. Need A Love (4:15) (Feature Track)
  7. I Believe (3:44)
  8. It'll Be (4:06) (Feature Track)
  9. Setting Up (4:35)
  10. Likes (4:52)
  11. I Pray For You (4:12) (Feature Track)
  12. Channeling A Lie (4:31)
  13. Empty Locket (4:55)
  14. Sunshine On My Soul (4:14)
  15. Dancing In the Light (5:27) (Feature Track)

Written, arranged, produced, recorded and performed by Cabela and Schmitt (C) 2019 Distributed & published by: CD BABY PRO PUBLISHING PRO: BMI

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