From the recording Raise Him Up

Pray and listen. Soon you will trust and know that He is here.


Can you see tomorrow
Or the road you will follow
What will you remember
Of the days behind you

So come to me now
Cry to me now
Let me know how you feel
Speak to me now
Run to me now
Show me your love is real
Sing to me now
Hope in me now
Now that you know I’m here

Finding all the reasons
To explain your feelings
Know that I can hear you
And I can mend a heart that is true

Well it all comes down to everything you choose
Yes it all comes back to you
Then we all find out what life is all about
And the love comes shining through

So come to me now...

There’s so many ways I can live in your heart
Never a need to be apart
So give me the time to build you a home
You’ll never again be all alone

So come to me now...

Written by Cabela and Schmitt

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