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Hi guys, how are you? Wow, thank you so much, this is already the second song we've received from you. This is very significant for us, 
it has motivated us to continue on the path of the independent music scene. Sorry for the delay in returning. We love this, yet another 
amazing song. Great melody, you are great artists. Great musicians, very good. Great chorus, rousing, high energy. Incredible quality, 
great vocals, great lyrics, the recording, production and mixing are excellent, everything perfect. Really another beautiful job. We're 
going to play this Thursday, December 22nd at 3pm Brasilia time on the radio show "Playlist Alternativa". I will share with my team and 
in the message groups. Let's go together, long live independent music. Songs like yours make us believe and keep playing independent artists :) 
Thank you so much, forever grateful. Hugs from Brazil. Cheers. Obrigado \0/ Nilton Vieira. 2022

“Game Is On” è un brano rock blues rilassato e pieno di sentimento su una relazione che è sempre nell’aria. Cabela and Schmitt, 
un trio di amici che collaborano da oltre 40 anni, propongono un brano ricco di dinamica grazie al buon lavoro delle chitarre 
che riescono ad esaltare l’atmosfera. Una traccia corposa, coinvolgente che trascina l’ascoltatore verso una dimensione costantemente 
intraprendente e che a tratti si presenta frastagliata. “Game Is On”, è un brano i cui dettagli sono sufficienti a catturare l’attenzione 
degli amanti del genere. Un ritmo generale che conferisce un buon andamento a tutto il percorso regalando un impatto sonoro bello da sentire. 

I Cabela and Schmitt, con questo nuovo singolo dimostrano come si sappiano muovere nel suo ambiente Alt. Rock , troppo spesso navigato da 
proposte banali e scontate , mentre in questo caso siamo di fronte ad una proposta, attenta a non trascurare nessun dettaglio per proporre 
una traccia che vince e convince. Ascoltare per Credere. Groover web site 2022

Hi Cabela and Schmitt. What an interesting song. A soft rock, somewhat alternative with indie, sounds great. You guys have a lot of potential, 
we congratulate you. We will share the song for sure. The song will be on the Groover playlist on Spotify and on our 24 hour radio for a month. 
We will also share it on social media. Best regards from Colombia. 2022

Songwriters have the ability to turn life lessons and experiences into songs. For some, they write what they know while others, feel compelled to share the stories of others. Either way it is due to the romanticization of love and loss. It’s not easy to reflect your innermost thoughts on paper with pen but one songwriting team who’s putting a voice to our lives is the song writing team Cabela and Schmitt.  
Their songs are the compilation of all experiences in a person’s life from romance to finding your path. Cabela and Schmitt says the things that need saying and create song stories that teach lessons to generations of listeners.  
The music they are creating often has nostalgic elements appealing to a wide audience. They understand the power of great lyrics in telling a story and it’s through their music that people can come together and relate to each other more honestly.  
Cabela and Schmitt finishes out the year with a beautiful song about reflection. The song is soothing with nostalgic tones further supporting a reflective theme that infuses well with the melodic chorus and lyrical content. I enjoyed the harmonies. They have such a wonderfully pleasing tone in a chaotic world. Thankfully Cabela and Schmitt are always there bringing us music that makes us feel less alone.  
"Wondering" is really all about those relationships we’ve all had with other people, that maybe we never did quite figure out or understand at the time. We all at times reflect on these past relationships and sometimes we might find ourselves still trying to make some sense out of these past unknowns. At the very least we try to take all the positives we can throughout our life relationships, and attempt to let go of as much of the negative as we possibly can, and continue to live on.  
--A.V.A. Live Radio, 2022

I listen to your music on cgr radio I am a huge fan I am disabled I am glad I found it I feel blessed your music is wonderful I am glad 
also it's on that station and it's on all day. Sincerely Richard Bighaus in Rainier Oregon, 2022

"Thank you! I play every track you send and will promote it too. As I stated last night on Facebook, you're the most versatile group I've ever seen. You have a GREAT message too. Much love".

Larry "Tez" Tezekjian of Tez FM Radio, March 1, 2020

Un trío norteamericano formado por los hermanos Wayne Schmitt (guitarra, teclados) y Tom Schmitt (bajo, teclados) junto a su amigo de la infancia Rich Cabela (guitarra, teclados), unidos por su amor a la música y su particular manera de ver el mundo. Apasionados por exponer sus pensamientos, creencias y sentimientos y darles forma de canción, los norteamericanos demuestran su versatilidad con sus cálidas composiciones o con temas tan infecciosos como su último single, A Better Day, un corte de aires nuevaoleros que atesora un pulsante ritmo, un entregado trabajo vocal y una esperanzadora lírica que nos insta a filtrar la información que recibimos para lograr un día a día mejor. Optimismo necesario.”

Velvety Blog, ASÍ SUENAN: Mayo 2020

It’s Only Time is both inspirational and smooth. Cabela & Schmitt are a tandem that has made tons of heartwarming/high-quality music together. One of the most heartwarming/high-quality songs they have in their catalog is the serene It’s Only Time. Honestly, I just love how It’s Only Time feels. With the track boasting this pretty lively instrumental, Cabela gifts us with a vocal performance that is engaging and lyrical content that straddles the line between inspirational and eloquent. After listening to the track, don’t be surprised if your soul feels replenished.” - Andrew Roscoe

Chilled Snails, February 9, 2020

Cabela and Schmitt rock out effortlessly in What You Say. The rock music Cabela and Schmitt tend to make will put a smile on your heart! To me, they are as authentic as it gets when it comes to making rock music, but at the same time, they have this level of gentleness to them that is pretty glaring. In What You Say, their latest single, Cabela and Schmitt gift us with a soothing rock gem that features tumultuous drumming, electrifying guitar-play, wise lyrics, and a vocal performance that is nothing less than nostalgic! It’s rare that you can find a song that is for all ages, but in my opinion, What You Say is one of those songs.” - Andrew Roscoe

Chilled Snails, February 9, 2020

Ending what was a spectacular year, the trio have treated us to a fantastic single entitled ‘What You Say’. A single written by the band, about the way people treat one another, how they talk to each other and how their words can either be loving, encouraging or sometimes hateful, leaves a powerful message that rings through with each and every listen. With plenty of new material coming in the new year, Cabela And Schmitt are destined to make their mark on the music industry next year. ” - Dylan Smith

EDM House Network, December 29, 2019