From the recording Freedom Rising-CSP

The act of the common people taking back control of their own lives by contemplating the way they think and feel about those others, who believe they are their superiors, as they step up to be free once again.


Freedom rising, freedom rising
You better know what they're up to before you lose it all
Look around and recognize it's wrong

Freedom rising, freedom rising
Manipulating all day long, young personalities
They take away the truth and then turn you into slave

Don't fall for everything they say, need a look at every way, you're in control of who you are

Freedom rising, freedom rising

How you think, how you act, how you will see
How you love, how you feel, how you get there...liberty

Freedom rising, freedom rising

©2020 Cabela and Schmitt

Published by Cabitt Hole
Distributed by CD BABY