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A.V.A. Live Radio  The sadness and turmoil of a love gone wrong by Cabela and Schmitt    "I Pray For You"   October 29, 2019


The Independent Music Show by Tom Lambert     October 4, 2019 Playlist

Featured Artist...04/October/2019...Cabela and Schmitt'

"With all the 80's rock charm of bands like The Smiths, Echo & The Bunnymen, and The Chameleons, Cabela and Schmitt turned back time on their single 'Thankful'".


A.V.A. Live Radio   Cabela and Schmitt Inspires us through compassion on new single Into Your Hands   September 28, 2019


Radioman Spotlight Cabela and Schmitt Fan Favorites Instrumentals    An episode of Radioman's Radio Program By Keith Curry    September 16, 2019


A.V.A. Live Radio   New single from Cabela and Schmitt 'In Our Ways'   August 3, 2019


A.V.A. Live Radio   Put on your Dancing Shoes for the New Single from Cabela and Schmitt   July 24, 2019


A.V.A. Live Radio   Cabela and Schmitt celebrates the gift of new life in their single 'Who She's Gonna Be'   July 18, 2019


Keep Walking   Cabela and Schmitt – Game Is On  by Ben Ali, April 29, 2019

"Known for their incredible and heartfelt writing, the band has the ability to stun an entire audience due to the vocalist voice and lyrical depth".


DTong Radio Indie Music Showcase    Cabela & Schmitt 12 Track Indie Music Feature & more - Powered by      March 2019






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