From the recording Raise Him Up

Who will love you, define you, refine you, improve you, believe you, unfold you, please you, adore you, implore you, compose you and take you home?


Who will love you and define you, who will lead you and refine you
Who will give you mana, who will take you home
Look around, turn around

Who will move you and improve you, who will free you and believe you
Who will be your mana, who will understand
Look around, turn around and see the one who will compare
Embrace the one who will be there

Who will hold you and unfold you, who will ease you and aim to please you
Who will hand you mana, who will know your name
Look around, turn around and heed the one who will outweigh
Embrace the one who will convey

Gotta read the news, follow any clues
Gotta make amends with those who you depend
Gotta make it real, try to seal the deal
Gotta cast a doubt and to work it out, work it out

Who will show you and adore you, who will heal you and implore you
Who will save you and remind you, who will hear you and get behind you
Who will keep you and compose you, who will need you and align you

Written by Cabela and Schmitt

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