1. How

From the recording A Time to Move On

The way another person loves sometimes can overwhelm us. Imagine what life would be without that experience.


I'm looking at you
Thinking about you and your way
I need you today

I listen to you
You're telling me things I wanna say
I'm in love today

You're doin to me
All of the things I'd never see
And I can't wait to be
What your love is makin me

How can anybody say it's wrong
How can anything so good be gone
How could I be loving you so long
How could all these feelings be so strong
How will I survive and get along
How in this world will it be

I'm waiting for you
Praying your eyes are open too
I miss you today

I'm giving to you
Everything left that I can do
I'll show you today

You're doing to me
All of the things I'd never be
And I can't wait to see
What your love is making me