From the recording Dancing Shoes

Looking at everything around us that is generally taken for granted. Using our senses to experience all the natural beauty that totally surrounds us perpetually.


I like to see a reflection on the water and to feel the sun come up into the day
Beautiful mountains in their majesty

I like to hear birds chirping in the morning, to be near a little river by the bay
Is that a widgeon there riding on a wave

I like to see a smile, joy upon a face and to see the children while they run and play
I like to hear the music ringing in my ears and to breathe aroma in wisping through the air

I like to see color changing in the autumn, sprinkling leaves upon my hair
When it is winter time, snowing everywhere

I like to see a smile with joy upon a face, listen to the children when they laugh and sing
I like to give reflection to, to the thought of love
I like to see the images in a cloud above
I like to feel the thunder rumbling my heart
And to see the wonders of shimmering stars