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  1. Maybe I'm Crazy

From the recording Just Another Face in the Cloud

Contemplating inner feelings about one's life and love. Visions of the one who can bring true happiness to you and serenity into your soul.


I walk along abandoned shoreline
Searching for a faded empty shell
I hope that I don't find one as it might reveal myself
Love has been around forever
Yet has stood the test of time
Will I ever find it, will I ever call it mine

Sometimes I see you in an empty field of green
You will be smiling as you're reaching out to me
Maybe I'm crazy and you're only in a dream
But I want to feel you as you're sitting next to me

Standing by a tree upon the mountain
When I see two eagles flying by
Soaring ever higher and together
They are a perfect couple in the sky
Could we ever be there, could it be for you and I
Love has been around for ever
And it has stood with best of times
Will I ever hold you will I ever call you mine

Sometimes I see you in an open field of green
You're always smiling as you're running up to me
Maybe I'm crazy 'cause you're only in a dream
But I want to feel you as you're laying here with me

I don't want to make it look like I'm insane
But I need it to be real to me
Every time I look into your eyes
I see togetherness that it could be
Togetherness that it could be

Love will be forever...would you mine
Love will be forever...could you be mine
Love will be forever....won't you be mine