From the recording Renascent

As time rushes by, an addict is stuck in a rut of knowing of his addiction, but struggles to climb out of his situation. Realizing that the acceleration of numbered days pushes him into making a life changing decision to develop a habit of loving.


Sometimes when your luck is down
And you've got nothing left to lose
White lines they been calling you
So will you change that avenue

As time accelerates
And you got nine lives you can celebrate
But you got no way to intoxicate away

One day when you're gettin' high
And you got nothing well defined
Realize that the years go by
Because your world is so confined
Locked out in a circumstance you can hardly understand
Two steps and you're on your way
But then you turn around again

Your time accelerates
And you can only hope to liberate
But you got no way you can concentrate today

Someday when your life is good
And you've got two paths you can choose
Will you act in a pompous way
Or will you fill with gratitude
Sometimes when your luck is right
And you've got everything to lose
White lies may be haunting you
So will you change your attitude

As time accelerates
With only one life you can orchestrate
And maybe you can start to validate with love

Time accelerates...