From the recordings Renascent and We're Not Alone

Speaks to the fact that there are powerful forces within our world that we can neither control, dispute nor duplicate. Embracing this power and allowing yourself to flow with its rhythms can be beneficial to a happier life.


We're not alone, we're not alone, we're not alone
Realize that we don't live a minute
Without the power that is keeping us alive

We're not alone

Giving back is hardly a decision
Being grateful for the gift we have

We're not alone

You've got to know what's right
Everybody's gotta keep it tight and cozy
Be a model citizen try to get along with everyone
Keep the spirits high
Knowing that the One will always love
Get the knowledge of the One I ramble of

We're not alone

Inherit something to believe in
While you walk along this boulevard of life

We got to realize, we go to know we're not alone

Written, arranged, produced, recorded and performed by
Cabela and Schmitt

Mixed and mastered by Nicolas Essig, California, through SoundBetter

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