1. What You Say

From the recording Like A Stone

What you say speaks to the way people treat one another, how they talk to each other and how their words can either be loving, encouraging or sometimes hateful.


What you say can save or break a heart...what can you say, what do you say
What you say can mend or rip apart

What you say has power it can hurt or it can heal
What you say can ratify, but never be repealed
What you say, what you say

What did you say, what will you say...what you say will pacify or mar

What you say can burn a bridge or throw you into ire
What you say can be the truth or make you out a liar
What you say can animate or maybe pulverize
What you say can disagree or open up your eyes
What you say, what you say, what you say

Angels singing from on high, serpents down below, 40 days & 40 nights were not that long ago
With the hate and anger that is brewing in your yard, what you say is tearing us apart

What you say
What you say is what you mean and it's what people hear
What you say is vigilant and pulling at an ear
What you say can build them up or make them disappear
What you say is elequent and in the atmosphere
What you say can detriment or reinvigorate
What you say can fortify or help to demonstrate
What you say can bring to tears or ravish in delight
What you say can jubilate and make it seem alright

Written, arranged, produced, recorded and performed by
Cabela and Schmitt

Mixed and mastered by Sean Spence, Nashville, through SoundBetter

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