From the recording Farmhouse In May

Visiting that wonderful place where we grew up, when everything in life was perfect, not a care in the world. How could it be any better?


There’s some little children playing in my old backyard
They’re looking so familiar can you tell who they are
And there’s a million flowers growing in my old garden spot
I didn’t know that anything but weeds could fill that lot
So take me away I want to play at my old farmhouse in May
Heaven’s the next best thing they say
So take me away I want to stay at my old farmhouse in May
Heaven’s the next stop on the way
There’s the old barn and the old gray car I used to drive
And there’s the empty treehouse where we learned how to cry
It’s been so many years ago well you know how they fly
And down along the old creek side we made those sweet mud pies
So take me away…
Mom and Daddy are you calling me
Yes I hear you I’m not far away
Those were precious days in every way
So take me away…

Written, arranged, produced, recorded and performed by
Cabela and Schmitt

Distributed & published by:

Mixed and mastered by Nicolas Essig, California, through SoundBetter