From the recording It Never Goes Away

True love is always alive, with you forever.

Written, arranged, produced, recorded and performed by
Cabela and Schmitt
(C) 2018

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Sitting alone again beside that tree
Remember the day it was only you and me
We’re gonna take a boat across the sea
Don’t you wonder when that’s gonna be
You wanted me I wanted you so why
Why did we walk away and say goodbye

I need a love that never has to die
And a love higher than the sky
I need a love that will always be
And a love given endlessly
My love for you is love so true
It never goes away

Driving along the road that takes me home
I think about the life we called our own
You needed time I wanted mine so now
Now we’re just tryin to understand somehow
You looked at me I looked at you so why
Why did we leave the hope there in our eyes

I need a love…