1. A Reason

From the recordings Like A Stone and A Reason

We will remember 2020 as a year of unrest and challenges with the pandemic. We all faced different levels of being isolated from other people. This is not our natural way of life. At times we might have felt like prisoners in our own homes, suffocating from that isolation. So we learned not to fight it…it really was out of our hands. We adjusted, watched as some of our loved ones became ill and did not survive. Many of us might have learned to pray for the first time in our lives. Others just did what came naturally and prayed. We had a reason to pray.


We need some air
Please open up the window
We’re pushing up the ceiling
To find the stairs

To each our own
What happened to the family
Step outside the circle
To be alone

Go find something new on your phone
The world in our hands like a stone

So there you are
You want to be a hero
Sacrifice the poor ones
To stake your claim

And you’ve been told
To believe the genius
But do you ever wonder
Why truth prevails

There’s always a ship for the sail
The wind puts us back on the trail

We all have a reason to pray
What can you say
You need to see a reason to pray
See it today
Let us find a reason to pray
Find us a way
Do we need a reason to pray

Written, arranged, produced, recorded and performed by
Cabela and Schmitt

Mixed and mastered by Nicolas Essig, California, through SoundBetter

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