1. See You

From the recording See You

"See You" is an observation of the Covid pandemic, watching the intended and unintended consequences of our actions and reactions towards its impact upon our world's societies.


What have we done, where will we go
When the heat is on us and out of control
Been downtown reservations, not a soul is there walking anywhere today
It's like the whole dang town is abandon desolation
We've been running scared and hiding every way
See us here, lead us where tonight
Got idle time in the nation
And we got ups and downs and breaking down in the rain
We got a state of mind that's nowhere near elation
Can we open up and get out of our cage
You speak another lie and then you wonder why we never listen to your words
We really never could
Tough times in the city and you're sitting there in a rocking chair today
They wanna muzzle you and take away religion
Put you in a box and carry you away
See you here...leave you there to die
Implication, segregation, deep relations disappear
I'm tired of isolation, sick of the lies
Bound by regulation, done with waste
I pray for salvation and change in our ways

Written, arranged, produced, recorded and performed by
Cabela and Schmitt

Mixed and mastered by Robert Venable, Sound Kitchen Studios, Nashville, through SoundBetter

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