From the recording Celebrate the Music

Written, arranged, produced, recorded and performed by
Cabela and Schmitt
(C) 2021

Distributed & published by:


Celebrate the music
As you're walking down the road, earbud in the radio
Are you in a happy mood today
Celebrate the music you can sing along
Got it on your telephone, now you're holding it
Put it on your list of favorites
You love the tune and it's doesn't let you down
Visualize the nature of the sound
You forward it to all your friends, put it on repeat again
Listening throughout the night
You declare it is the best, even better than the rest
Now it is a hint of you
Celebrate the music you will sing along
Gonna take a journey in your mind and heart
Celebrate the music you are now a part
Celebrate beginnings nourishing your soul