1. We Call Home

From the recording We Call Home

How long have we been talking about changing the world? For generations… and it will continue indefinitely. Mostly the world does not change nor will it. Really we all know it is ‘people’ of the world that need to change. We are all people of this world and we all have to change to do our part. It really is a wonderful world and it will become all that more wonderful if we can all become ‘more’ wonderful.


When you ask me how to pray and I tell you not to worry
Your broken heart knows what to say
When you say you need to cry and I tell you there’s no hurry
You only know you want to try

Yes we know it’s a crazy world out there
Then you know they can say it’s always right for you

We always want the easy way it matters not the price we pay
Or how we seem to keep it all inside will you choose to save your soul
And live the life you don’t control then rest within the love we call home

When you take me in your arms and we look up to the heaven
You almost see it in the stars
When you think about the storms somehow they always seem to pass
And all that’s left is feeling warm

Yes we know it’s a broken world out there
Then we know they can say it’s only everywhere

We always want the easy…

Written, arranged, produced, recorded and performed by
Cabela and Schmitt

Mixed and mastered by Nicolas Essig, California, through SoundBetter

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