From the recording Be Like You-CSP

"Be Like You" is the ultimate compliment to another person or persons who inspire us in the way they live and love their life. These are special people in all of our lives...we cannot live without them.


Well you know it’s been a real fine summertime
makin wishes come to life
always feeling like we don’t want to end the night

There you go you’re givin me that peace of mind
I’m seeing dreams before my eyes
Making memories that will stand the test of time
And it feels so right just a being in love tonight

You make a hard-working fun-lovin soul-searchin man out of me
There’s always some sorta magic and you make it so easy to see
You turn a gray sky into blue
You make an old thing feel like new
You have a way of living life
I want to be like you

You know I feel so close to heaven
When you’re around me

And I almost forgot to mention
The way you love is how I love you

Now I see the way of life you give to me
The kind of world we need to see
I’m hearing melodies that will move this heart of mine
And it feels so right just a being with you tonight

Written by Cabela and Schmitt

Distributed & published by:

Release date 9-9-2023