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Released February 29, 2020. Wounded World.  Sometimes, some of the most loving and caring people are those who are ignored, avoided and disadvantaged.  A light shines down on the souls who are wounded in this world. Click to listen on Spotify!



Featured Remixes!


When someone comes into your life and makes everything in your world a little brighter.  You have a hard time believing the joy, wonder and happiness that it brings.


Recognizing there is One who is with you at all times guiding and leading you through your path of life. Understanding the absolute awe in how astonishingly some situations can completely humble you.  Enjoy "Who You Are (Remix)". See the YouTube lyric video here.


Got Metal?

Hear our new remix of a fan favorite, "Sparrow In the Wind (Remix)"!


New "Dancing Shoes" Video!

Stomp your feet to the beat!  A new video on YouTube. 

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"Back Track" Picks for 2020! Give Them a Re-Listen!

"Who Are We", previously released in 2016 on "A Time to Move On".  Equality.  Sometimes we have difficulty really living this ideal.  All people are equal in God's love.  No exceptions.

"A New Day", previously released in 2018 on "Root 30".  You are now fully awake and it dawns on you that your life has changed--starting today!

"The Power", previously released in 2017 on "Just Another Face In the Cloud".  "The Power" speaks to our daily weaknesses, our lifelong weaknesses, how we struggle, and how we overcome.  Love and prayer go hand in hand, and we need to believe in this power!! 






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